Dalai Lama

  Christine Carter  

Dr Christine Carter
Acclaimed, sociologist, happiness and productivity expert; bestselling author of The Sweet Spot; Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Great Good Science Center, USA

  Matthieu Ricard  

Matthieu Ricard
Humanitarian French monk, scientist and photographer; author of Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change the World; Nepal

  Michael F Steger  

Associate Professor Michael F Steger
Director, Center for Meaning and Purpose, Counseling Psychology & Applied Social and Health Psychology, Colorado State University, USA

  Jennifer Moss  

Jennifer Moss
Co-founder, Plasticity Labs; author of Unlocking Happiness at Work; Canada

  Shamash Alidina  

Shamash Alidina
Mindfulness expert and cofounder of the Museum of Happiness, UK



Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, Israel, acclaimed positive psychology lecturer who taught Harvard University’s most popular and life-changing course; best-selling author of Happier: Learn the Secrets of Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment


Dr Eve Ekman, USA, international expert working with emotion and mindfulness to reduce stress and burnout in the workplace


Thomas Goetz, USA, CEO and co-founder of digital health startup Iodine, former executive editor of Wired Magazine and author of The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalised Medicine 


Dr Alan Greene M.D., USA, respected and influential paediatrician, leading voice in health innovation, Chief Medical Officer of Scanadu, Founder of DrGreene.com and author of Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green.


Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, USA, renowned social psychologist and researcher into happiness, and author of The Myths of Happiness and The How of Happiness


Christina Stevens, USA & Australia, award-winning filmmaker, global environmental activist and international bestselling author of a gritty memoir, Love: The Saint and the Seeker


Anthony Ackroyd, “The Laugh Coach”, one of Australia’s most successful comedians, an expert on the amazing benefits of laughter and currently one of the stars of the ABC’s top-rating radio comedy show Thank God It’s Friday!



Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis, world leading osseointegration surgeon, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame Australia


David Astle, Australia’s most popular wordsmith and crossword maestro for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age; author of Riddledom – 101 Riddles and their Stories


Anna-Louise Bouvier, innovative mind-body expert and creator of the award-winning workplace mental health and wellbeing program Happy Body at Work

Gillian Coutts

Gillian Coutts, mindful leadership consultant and Partner, The Potential Project

Dr William DeJean

Dr William DeJean inspires and re-inspires innovative organisations for the work they do for our world, and is the author of Unleash Learning.

Michael de Manincor

Michael de Manincor, highly respected yoga teacher, counselling psychologist and yoga therapist who bridges Eastern and Western modalities of mind-body

Dr Nicola Gates

Dr Nicola Gates, renowned clinical neuropsychologist and researcher who translates complicated neuroscience into everyday life to care for body, brain and mind

Richard Gill OAM

Richard Gill OAM, renowned and beloved Australian conductor and music educator whose work in developing young musicians is recognised worldwide

Richard Glover

Richard Glover, top-rating drivetime host, 702 ABC Sydney, weekly columnist with The Sydney Morning Herald, and bestselling author of Flesh Wounds

Philip Goebel

Philip Goebel, long time self-tracker and founder of The Melbourne Quantified Self Meetup Group; CEO and co-founder of Quanticare Technologies

Dr Suzy Green

Dr Suzy Green, leader in the complementary fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology; Founder and CEO The Positivity Institute

Thubten Gyatso

Thubten Gyatso (Dr Adrian Feldmann), Buddhist monk and author of A Leaf in the Wind and The Perfect Mirror: Reflections on Truth and Illusion

Shannon Harvey

Shannon Harvey, journalist, award-winning filmmaker of The Connectio

Dr Anita Heiss

Dr Anita Heiss, member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales and one of Australia’s most prolific and well-known authors of Aboriginal literature

Corey Jackson

Corey Jackson, an accredited Cultivating Emotional Balance trainer, majoring in Psychology and Sanskrit at the University of Sydney

Matthew Johnstone

Matthew Johnstone, bestselling author of illustrated book I Had a Black Dog and Creative Director at the Black Dog Institute

Petrea King

Petrea King, well-known cancer survivor, naturopath, mind-body healing pioneer; Founder and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation

Sue Langley

Sue Langley, master trainer, researcher and international expert in positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence

Willim McInnes

Willim McInnes, highly acclaimed actor, writer and raconteur

Dr Joanna McMillan

Dr Joanna McMillan, qualified nutritionist and one of Australia’s favourite and most trusted health and wellbeing experts

The ‘Gyuto Monks of Tibet

The ‘Gyuto Monks of Tibet

Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen, biomedical engineer, visionary and innovator

Professor Toni Noble

Professor Toni Noble, leading teacher, educator and psychologist; Adjunct Professor, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, Australian Catholic University

Sebastian Robertson

Sebastian Robertson, Founder and Director of Batyr, a social enterprise focusing on preventative mental health education for young people

Terry Robson

Terry Robson, journalist, author and broadcaster; Editor of WellBeing Magazine

Simon Rountree

Simon Rountree, visionary CEO of Camp Quality, Australia’s leading children’s cancer charity aiming to create a better life for every child living with cancer

Tim Sharp

Tim Sharp, leading positive psychologist, executive coach and founder of The Happiness Institute

Dr Helen Street

Dr Helen Street, leading educator and psychologist specialising in wellbeing, engagement and motivation for young people; Chair, National Australian Positive Schools Initiative

The Blue MUGs

The Blue MUGs

Professor Lea Waters

Professor Lea Waters, internationally recognised for her expertise in Organisational Psychology and Positive Psychology; Director, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne; Winner, Australian 100 Women of Influence Awards

Duncan Young

Duncan Young, Head of Workplace Health & Wellbeing, User Experience, Lendlease

Nickolas Yu

Nickolas Yu, Founder, Slow Coach; Program Manager for Staff Wellness and Patient & Family-Centred Care, Sydney Local Health District


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